HIK Designers is a young and dynamic design company with a passion for creating site-specific public art installations.
Since we love diversity, and sharing ideas we work with freelancers to extend our services and meet our clients aims.
Our primary services Include:


These projects take place in small districts where we give locals a hands-on design experience. These experiences range from an intense participation level, where people get involved at the beginning of a project or a the latter part of a project where the locals help with the execution of a project. The end users of the design are the focal point thus play an eminent role throughout the entire process.

Our urban designs are both functional and innovative by giving urbanites a platform for interaction and dialogue.Designing site-specific public art installations requires a flexible attitude towards the current situation and the demands for change. It is key that throughout the design process both general interests and aesthetics are cherished.

This is the discipline where Architecture, Design and Marketing converge. Events including out-and indoor festivals set a good canvas for this. By means of listening closely to the commissioner’s wishes and those of the end-user we create engaging public installations.